What Is The Future of Verge XVG?

Recently, the Verge price is showing some signs of revival after a rather bloody couple of weeks. The currency fell from its July highs at $0.027855/421 satoshi to close the month on a low of $0.024600/319 satoshi. In August, the currency’s lows were $0.010284/170 Satoshi (on 14 and). XVG price started to move in a more sideways direction after the initial run up.

Currently, one XVG is available for purchase at $0.013859 (up 7.67% in the past 24 hours)/206 satoshi (5.10% in the previous 24 hours). The daily trade volume of 956 BTC is low, with the majority coming from Huobi (52%), and Binance (26%). Verge is the 41st most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $210 274,372.

The technical analyses were provided by the Fibonacciaustrian trader.

If BTC moves upwards, I will say the first stop is between 175 and 150. We will move towards the 127 level if the range above does not hold. Many people believed the hype surrounding the
If they don’t sell they will be at a loss, or just barely hold profits.

This pattern appears to continue. Marvin Piekarek released a development update number three, which is the latest from the person who appears to be Justin Sunerok’s (the lead developer and founder of the project), the one who last made an appearance in the public eye about four months ago. Sunerok’s sudden disappearance is a surprise, given his level of involvement in Verge promotional activities. This update provided very little details and was an insult to Verge owners’ intelligence.

The update began with , a poll that Mr. Piekarek ran on Twitter to determine what people considered their “most important goals” for Verge. Community polls may not be to everyone’s taste, but the Verge team has been clamoring for updates to the wallet, codebase and RingCT for several months.

Piekarek’s response to the poll is rather funny, since he seems baffled that the people are asking for information on the new codebase.

We found something very interesting. After the change in codebase, we thought that the people preferred the desktop wallet. Before the results came in, we noticed that the majority of people voted for the iOS wallet. The iOS wallet was a surprise, even though it came in second.

The team, he said, had “listened” to community feedback and decided to work on iOS wallet even though the app was due to launch at the beginning of 2019. Then he said that the team will make codebase development its top priority and leave desktop/android wallets to 2019. It’s amazing how much effort the Verge team has put in so far, if they have “just started” working on the new codebase.

Piekarek spoke about the second part of the update, technical storage of keys. Piekarek basically said “we don’t know” and “we’re doing research” in this case, which confirmed that the team didn’t know how to even store the keys for the iOS wallet. This was meant to have been released several months ago. The iOS wallet is also working on “the recipient generator” and “the transaction sending screen”, describing these minor changes as “good progress”. Perhaps I am being too harsh with the developers, as they also make a minor third commitment to redesign the desktop Wallet within this timeframe.

You can read the entire publication here if you are feeling masochistic, but make sure to give them some “epic or legendary” feedback; do not leave any bad feedback as Mr. Piekarek points out strong>they don’t like that/strong>. If you want to be masochistic, read the entire publication . but don’t leave bad feedback. Mr. Piekarek has pointed out that they do not like it.

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Not much else has happened around the currency. What’s worth saying is that their admittedly impressive list of vendors got expanded by two more companies. NetCents, a merchant gateway, now allows Verge coin holders to spend their cryptocurrency at a number of merchants that accept Visa or MasterCard. Positive news for the coins liquidity indeed; but then again you have to question if there were any “pay to play” payments behind the scenes made by the Verge team, something that was alleged for almost every vendor that brought them aboard after Pornhub. It’s also questionable how many Verge holders are ready to spend their tokens at the moment after said tokens lost more than 90% of their all-time high value. The second vendor that started accepting the currency was a hot-sauce making company called PexPeppers.

The evil fatalii chili is used to make this hot sauce. It is related to the habanero. Cryptocurrency accepted! https://t.co/CYesb87Srr#XVG #VergeCurrency #PIVX #BITCOIN #LITECOIN pic.twitter.com/zn8iIhbL59

PexPeppers (@PexPeppers), August 20, 2018,

Will this new spicy merchant along with the other updates mentioned help Verge to restore some of its fire before it’s price and reputation plunged? It seems highly unlikely.

If you hold Verge, would it make sense to sell them? This coin was not made for the long term. If you remove the confirmation bias glasses, and your emotions are removed from the equation you’ll see that this project is led by amateurs.

Correction: Previously, the author of this piece referred to Justin Sunerok’s title as CEO of Verge. The mistake has now been corrected.

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