Is The In-Game Trading Market Growing?

They are gods. Gamers are like Gods. The world of cryptocurrency is slowly expanding beyond its boundaries, which makes it possible to earn money by trading skins and weapons in games. The concept is not new but its relationship with cryptocurrency is.

Let’s start with some basics if you don’t know what we mean.

What Is In-Game Trading ?

In-game trading, as the name suggests is buying virtual goods using real money in a video game. While purchasing items with fiat currency is a long-standing practice, it has also been used in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. With cryptocurrencies the process is now much easier.

You can now use your cryptocurrency to purchase virtual items within games. Crypto is tax-free, which is a major advantage over fiat. You can also use the tokens in the game seamlessly without the need to follow the tedious fiat currency process.

Consider the popular game Fallout which features its own currency, Fallout76 Bottle Caps. The socio-economic conditions of the USA in 2102 are complemented by these items.

In Game Trading History

In Game Trading History

Edward Castronova conducted an economics research in 2001, where he map the currencies in the virtual EverQuest world and claim that its GNP per person is comparable with some developing nations in the real-world. The claim was shocking at the time, but the new method of spending money on virtual games in the real world began.

There has been a growing interest in virtual economics, and the way it relates to and affects real world economics.

One of the most shocking things that a person who is not familiar with gaming realized was that there are countless gamers who will pay exorbitant amounts of money to own these virtual items. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a skin.

The truth remains that the in-game trade craze exists, and it’s only gotten bigger with the advent of cryptocurrency.

How to Start Trading in-Game

There aren’t many online guides that can help you learn about in-game trading. However, there is a plethora online of streamers and gamers who will show you how to do it. While it’s not as easy as stock trading, there are ways to make it work.

There are also many ways for gamers and streamers to earn money now that NFTs are connected. The in-game currency does not just include the tokens you can use to purchase items inside the game. You can use them to show your support for your favourite streamer.

If your favorite player issues tokens, you can buy them and learn about their gaming strategies, what they purchase, or even spend time with them, if that’s their offer.

Final Thoughts

In-game trading has slowly increased over the last few years. has accelerated the growth of the in-game trading market. Combine that with the sheer distribution of cryptocurrencies-related knowledge across the world via social media platforms – and you have people coming up with creative ways of making money.

You can trade digital currency such as Lineage Adena or FFXI Gil on platforms that allow you to buy in-game goods. Eldorado is a great place to exchange tokens from your favorite games. You can enjoy a large platform with 24/7 customer support.

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