How Long Does a Bitcoin Transfer Usually Take?

How long will my Bitcoin transaction last? Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to send low-cost payments between peers at a much faster rate than bank transfers. How fast do Bitcoin transactions happen? The simple answer is that Bitcoin transfers between wallets depend on the transaction.

Before a Bitcoin payment can be made, the Bitcoin network must confirm the transaction. Your transaction is first placed in the list of pending Bitcoin payments, the “unconfirmed Transaction Pool”. Then, participants of the peer-to peer Bitcoin network use their computer power to verify your transaction.

Bitcoin has standardized the number of confirmations or approvals a transaction must receive before its status can be considered complete.

What is the Bitcoin transaction time?

Bitcoin transactions time is dependent on:

The Network Activity

– Transaction Fees

Each transaction will be processed slower if there are more Bitcoin transactions to be processed. This is because there are only a limited number of bitcoin miners who can process each block, and there are also a fixed number of transactions per block.

Your Bitcoin transaction should be completed within 30 minutes. This is especially true if you’re transferring funds to an exchange in order to purchase other crypto currencies with your Bitcoin.

It is essential that you select a Bitcoin wallet which allows you to set the amount of the fee that will be charged to your transaction. This ensures that your transaction can be confirmed within 30 minutes. If you want your transaction to be processed faster, it is important that you choose a Bitcoin wallet which allows the user to adjust the fee. Or, if the wallet sets the fee for the user, it can ensure the confirmation and processing of the transaction within 30 minutes or less.

Bitcoin miners prioritize transactions based on the fees they receive. If you pay more, it is likely that the miner will complete your transaction quicker.

Bitcoin transactions

How long does it take to confirm Bitcoin transactions?

According to the Bitcoin community, the standard requires six confirmations by network participants called miners. It takes 10 minutes on average to mine one block. This means that it will take you an average of 1 hour to process your transaction.

The Bitcoin network has experienced significant growth over the past few years. From June 2015 until today, the average daily volume of transactions has grown from $12,000,000 to more than $2 billion. The miners are struggling to confirm the large number of Bitcoin transactions due to the rapid growth in daily transactions. Bitcoin transaction times have increased and fees for transactions also.

When Bitcoin was first introduced as a peer-to-peer digital payment system in 2010, the time it took to complete a Bitcoin transaction averaged around 10 minutes. The average transaction cost was also only a few pennies. According to, today, because of the increase in activity on the chain, the average time for a confirmation has increased to up to 116 mins. According to, the average fee is $2.00 for a 30-minute transaction. The figures fluctuate, depending on the level of activity in the Bitcoin network at any particular time.

A division arose within the Bitcoin community over the solution to scaling issues. Supporters of Bitcoin Cash think that a bigger block size is the best solution to scaling problems.

Members who are against Bitcoin Cash debate that improvements like Segregated Watch (SegWitt), and Lightning Network, which would increase network speed without increasing the block size can help.

Only time will reveal which solution is the most effective.

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