An Ultimate Guide On ToaCoin Coin (TOA)


TOA is its own blockchain, which means we are only able to move assets between our blockchain. You will not be able transfer money from other blockchains or cryptocurrencies to/from TOA. The initial TOAs are 8.8 billion with an annual inflation rate of 2%. The volume is increasing every day and is pre-programmed so that you don’t have to do anything. If you already have 100,000 TOAs, you can expect to gain an additional five TOAs a day. This is equivalent to 2,000 TOAs yearly.

What is the TOA developer’s goal?

ToaCoin Coin, a cryptocurrency developed specifically for the travel industry.

TOA Foundation has created a community hub to achieve this. This is an ordinary coffee shop, but only ToaCoin can be paid for.

The TOA wallet is available for customers to use or specify their accounts. ToaCoin will be accepted by more retailers in hubs.

The TOA hubs will allow you to convert TOA into national currencies.

The exchange of TOA for real money is meant to make this currency more accessible to users.


The Team Behind the ToaCoin Currency

Five people are behind the ToaCoin. Richard Park, the TOA founder and cryptocurrency expert is a member of the team.

He is also very active in the trading of coins and equity. Regine Wan is a travel expert with many years’ experience. She manages marketing for Asia.

Benjamin Pacheco, who has experience in cryptocurrencies and social media marketing, is the person responsible for developing the platform. Rey Paz is responsible for social media marketing. He has previous experience with cryptocurrencies.

JC Bolor is the last member of our team. He is responsible for developing the website environment.

How much is ToaCoin currently worth?

ToaCoin Coins have a total market capitalization of 9,000,000 ToaCoin Coins. There are currently only 1.7billion coins out of an overall 8.8billion.

The developers claim that the TOA currency has an annual inflation rate at 2%. A coin’s current value is USD 0.06922.

The price of a coin at the time was USD 0.005USD. The currency’s value has steadily increased since then.

ToaCoin’s daily volume is approximately USD 21,000. The majority of trading is between TOA and Bitcoin, and it’s done through different wallets.


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