A Brief About Tron Loan

Tron has an “Tron Loan”, a financing program that aims to encourage community developers in building, coding and exploring the Tron Blockchain network. This program, which was introduced about two weeks back, is intended to enrich the Tron Network and Tron Community. Tron announced today on their Medium page that the first Tron Loan recipient will be rewarded:

Since the project’s launch, almost 100 TRON-related applications have been submitted. We have chosen the winner of the TRON LOAN after careful consideration. Getty.io and Tron aired on the release.

Justin Sun confirmed the news via his twitter. Getty.io, a South American company that specializes in JavaScript and created TronVault as a cold storage product for Tron Tokens. 

TronVault, created with React Native is one of the best and safest Tron wallet applications available. The app has many useful features that are beneficial to both long-term investors and those who hold the currency for a short time. It has features such as:

  • Offline password encryption
  • Store encrypted offline seeds
  • Restoring master keys is a process that requires a key.
  • Receive transactions via QR code
  • Bip39 Seed Recovery
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Account recovery with vault + seed number
  • Unable to create transactions
  • No network permissions required (there is no threat to hack the network or transmit secure keys from within the app).
  • The database is stored on disk and encrypted using AES-256+SHA2.
  • Copy/paste the transaction to sign it offline

It looks like the wallet is not ready to be used commercially. Today, a reddit user named Weld01 made a comment:

I registered long ago. It does not recognize my username/password. When I enter the forgotten login, it tells me that the email is not valid …. When i try to register with the same email, it tells me that my account has already been used. It’s like that. It’s not clear what happened but I am happy I put only a few TRX in for the bonus. …”

Getty.io seems to have taken note of the issues, and they are working on them. TronVault will soon have a number of quality enhancements, including:

  • App deep links for signing and returning transactions
  • Deep links for easy integration of third-party applications
  • Storing User KYC Data Offline
  • Users can share their KYC information with partners who have been approved
  • Becoming an application of digital identity for TRON
  • Desktop Version: Windows, MacOS and Linux

Tron’s Medium article praises Getty.io and the team that created it.

We want to highlight the project’s qualities, including the commendable effort of Getty.io and the team. The 100k TRON loan will hopefully help Getty.io optimize their TRON-based project. TRON invites outstanding teams to join the TRON eco-system and receive support .”

A hyperlink was posted on the Medium article confirming the transaction. The Tron team confirmed that they were determined to do more loans.

The TRON LOAN Program encourages the community at large to innovate, explore and build with us, enriching the TRON blockchain public network. Everyone is invited to take part, whether you’re a TRON developer or supporter, or a group or an individual. TRON will offer 100k TRON LENDERS to discover your brilliance .”

Tron’s review team continues to work on applications and other projects to help find innovative, quality ideas. Tron’s price should rise in the near future, thanks to this news and the recent news of the mainnet launch .

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