5 TradingView Alternatives You Can Try Right Now

TradingView brings together traders using an app created by developers in collaboration with expert traders. TradingView takes advantage of web-based technology to show traders hundreds of stocks and currencies, as well as cryptocurrency. The software also includes intelligent drawing tools with more than 100 indicators.

TradingView’s proprietary Pine Script allows users to customize existing indicators or create new ones. TradingView allows members to upload their scripts into the public library.

There are some features that can be accessed for free, but a monthly subscription of $14.95-$59.95 will give you access to additional features, including volume profile indicators, and enhanced watchlists. TradingView offers a paper trading option within the app. Users can link this to their brokerage accounts with several different brokers. One of these is Tradestation.

TradingView is a great trading program, but there are other options that you can use. We have listed the top TradingView alternatives for you.

What are the best TradingView alternatives?

Before we go into details, we would like to share with you a quick look at the 3 best TradingView alternatives. After that, we will go through each of these and some of their competitors in detail.



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All your crypto needs in one place
Integrates many exchanges



Simple navigation within accounts
Great user experience
Support for a wide range of exchanges



Automated charting software of the highest quality
Useful alerts
Price is reasonable

TradingView Alternatives: Top 5


Founded in 2014, Coinigy is a trading platform with a key focus on cryptocurrency. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it gives investors the ability to manage over 45 exchanges on its platform, providing users with data across all the exchanges consolidated in a single location. This allows investors to easily spot differences in exchange rates of different cryptocurrencies and use arbitrage to their advantage.

Conigy offers the same trading features as other services. This includes a wide range of indicators, chart creators and real-time price updates. The data collected can be filtered to monitor a particular time period. You can create your own indicators, which will be saved on the platform to use in future. However, it appears that Coinigy limits sharing.

It allows the user to connect their Coinigy trading account to Coinigy via an API, creating a single system of trading and investment planning.

Coinigy’s app ArbMatrix, and their cryptocurrency news website Newswire are two of its main features. ArbMatrix displays the exchanges from different traders as a grid to show traders arbitrage opportunities. New users are provided with a free account, including access to all the charts and indicators for 30 days. However, users of the Coinigy pro version can extend this period for however long they wish. The cost of a year’s subscription is cheaper than that of a monthly subscription.


The CryptoView app allows you to trade cryptocurrencies across various exchange platforms, including Binance , Bitfinex , Coinbase Pro , Kraken , KuCoin , Poloniex , Shapeshift , Upbit, Gemini , HitBTC , Huobi Global, OKEx, CEX.IO , Gatehub , CoinEgg, Changelly , Cryptopia, Livecoin, Mercatox, Yobit, YoBit, BTC38 etc.

CyberView offers an investment tracker to help you keep tabs on your investments. This tool is compatible with both iOS and Android.

What Does It Do?

CryptoView was designed to be simple. Users can navigate easily through the different features, without needing to know all of the technical details. When opening an account there are two simple steps to follow: Sign up and deposit funds. Users can access three tabs after signing up: “Portfolio”, Trading” and Investment Tracker. The tabs contain specific details about your holdings and planned transactions.

CryptoView features an incredible interface that allows for endless customization. It also includes a news aggregator with more than 20 crypto-related outlets, a crypto event calendar and countless other options.

CryptoView never stores users’ funds. The tool is not able to withdraw or transfer funds. All transactions are instantaneous and done via API requests on exchanges.

Features & Benefits

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Multiple coins can be traded simultaneously
  • Real-time price tracking
  • Realtime charts
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Trading Alerts
  • News aggregate
  • Conversion of exchange rates
  • Portfolio management
  • Tracking investment
  • Tools for market analysis

The integration includes recurring purchases, emails reminding users to buy specific assets, and the ability to enter buy/sell orders when influencers tweet about their next moves on Crypto Twitter.

CryptoView, in my opinion, is one of the apps that could prove useful for those who want to get started investing in digital currency but aren’t sure where to begin.

The app also provides some interesting insights, such as historical data and price trends.

You should always try the free trial version before purchasing. Download the trial version here.


  • Simple navigation within accounts
  • Great user experience
  • Support for a wide range of exchanges
  • You’re doing a great job of hunting for low-cap coin releases


  • There are no major defects


TrendSpider is yet another trading analysis software developed back in 2016 to allow users to improve their plans and allow for consistent analysis by minimising trading errors. They have since evolved into a multinational company with over 4,000 users across the globe.

In 2016, TrendSpider aimed to ease the pain and anxiety of planning an investment strategy, due to the volatility that stocks are known to be. The software has an impressive array of tools for technical analysis that can help you plan and search your trades with accuracy and ease.

The Trendspider will be more useful to users with a basic understanding of trading. Trendspider can help users by tracking market trends and generating dynamic watchlists using Market Scanner. The scanning period can be adjusted from one day up to one month.

You can create your very own scanner to suit your needs. Free perks include real-time data from the market and historical data dating back 20+ years. To improve synchronization between clients, all scanners and customisations made to your account are saved in the cloud. You can then access them at any time via the internet.

TrendSpider’s charting software includes the option to test (for Elite and Premium customers) the custom strategies created by other users. Subscriptions are available from $33 to $97 a month. Discounts can be obtained if you purchase an annual subscription.



As its name suggests, GoCharting is a trading platform that mainly focuses on creating real-time advanced charts. GoCharting monitors more than 100 cryptocurrencies and 20,000 cryptocurrency pairs, making GoCharting one of the few services with such a wide coverage of the cryptocurrency economy.

GoCharting can generate many different charts in real time to suit your trading requirements, including imbalance charts, composite charts, fixed volume profiles, and session charts. While GoCharting’s main focus is on tick-by-tick charting performance, it also includes other features such as more than 150 indicators and drawing tools that complement its use of charts.

GoCharting also automatically generates DOM charts and ladder charts. It uses Golang, an open-source charting tool, which is proprietary. Users can create any type of graph from data. This includes but is not limited to spline graphs, area graphs, or line graphs. The tool itself is a binary that can be used with or without any other environment.

GoCharting offers Silver and Gold Memberships that include extra features, such as graphs.



TabTrader is a mobile-only app that serves as a mobile trading terminal for exchanging cryptocurrency. It is meant for those who are experienced with trading to an extent.

People who trade regularly will benefit from this feature, since by linking your accounts with TabTrader you can track your stocks, and maintain a portfolio which summarizes all the activities of your linked accounts. TabTrader will also provide you with stock price, performance data and analysis. A lock on the mobile app can prevent others from hijacking it.

The majority of features in the app are self-service. You can add your exchanges and pairs, for instance. TabTrader has by far been one of the most popular portfolio trackers used for cryptocurrency trading, due to how simple it is to add and track accounts using TabTrader.

TabTrader also has a professional version that costs USD 10 per month. Discounts are available if you purchase the software on an annual basis.



Tradelize is a suite that contains 3 apps: Tradelize Traders’ Network, Tradelize Terminal, and Tradelize Mobile App.

The Tradelize Network is more like a social network than an app for exchanging cryptocurrencies. The main purpose of the site is to connect traders with experts and amateurs to share ideas on how to maximize trade profits. The performance of a trader will be displayed via ratings.

The trader can do this by connecting Tradelize Traders’ Network with an account that conducts transactions. The network will benefit from amateurs being able to learn and follow the trading practices of professionals. This is similar to LinkedIn, but with trading.

The Tradelize Crypto Terminal, like the other terminals on this list, supports cryptocurrency pairs and trading across many popular crypto exchanges. Tradelize Crypto Terminal allows traders to quickly make decisions about making transactions, whether they are on-the-spot or futures and derivatives.

For those with more experience, there is an arbitrage finder that will help them to identify the most profitable trading opportunities. Under Tradelize, traders can also manage their small accounts using a sub account manager. The Order Monitor allows you to manage all of your orders at once.

Tradelize’s mobile app has less features than Crypto Terminal. The mobile app for Tradelize has fewer features than the Crypto Terminal. The mobile app is still useful as it allows you to work on your trades or track orders while on the move.

These services are the top 5 alternatives to TradingView that we recommend. If you are an “always on the go” trader, you should pick TabTrader as it has the best functionalities for a mobile trading app, and you will not need to have a laptop opened around just for you to trade stocks.

If you are a seasoned trader, you should give Coinigy a try. It has many features, such as “Arbmatrix”, that only experts can fully utilize. You should try Coinigy, if you’re a seasoned trader. It has many useful features like “Arbmatrix”, which only experienced traders can fully utilize.

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