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Here’s how you can use cryptos in the Russia world cup 2018

The 2018 world cup is around the corner, and the expectation of sports fans is becoming more and more evident. Thousands around the world travel every four years to witness the prestigious event that unites people from different races and backgrounds in a special way. Also, it is not hard to imagine that most fans this year will be crypto enthusiasts. As such, here’s how you can use cryptos in the Russia world cup 2018.

The global adoption of digital coins has continued to increase tremendously. Although the host country recently introduced an anti-crypto policy, the Russian market has experienced similar growth to the cryptocurrency market. According to Coindance, the volume of bitcoin trading in Russian Rubles fluctuates virtually based on Bitcoin’s price volatility. Below are some ways you can use cryptos in the Russia world cup 2018.

Earn cryptos by picking the winners

A website known as Cryptocup will host its own bracket challenge, with all entrants earning a digital token based on their picks for the outcome of the world cup games. Since the tokens are generated as part of the Ethereum blockchain, they will have some value based on the latest Ethereum price. However, the value is more likely to experience some fluctuation throughout the world cup season.

Buying tickets using bitcoin crypto payments

Cryptocurrency traders/hodlers who are also world cup fans can now pay for the tickets using various coin payments thanks to Wirex and Epayments. Wirex will start reissuing plastic cards in Europe. These prepaid Visa Debit Cards can support multiple currency accounts in EUR, USD and you guessed it right, BTC!

Additionally, another method you can buy the tickets using cryptos is through Epayments. The card is filled with bitcoins, as well as bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Also, the card can be loaded with fiat, and no service fee will be required if you spend 300 EUR a month.

Do you think the crypto payments will increase these coin’s prices?

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